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September 2020


October 2017

Spring Clean 
Looking to Spring Clean? 
These cleaning products will get the job done.

Enter the code;spring
at the checkout and save 5% on any advertised item.
Spring Blossom Disinfectant 
Oates Microfibre Cloths
Sandlewood Toilet Cleaner 
Tork Heavy Duty Cloth  

November 2017

Kitchen Towel  
Extra absorbent disposable kitchen towel, will always come in handy! 
This month choose from any of our leading brands and take an additional 5% off our already low prices. Enter the code; kitchen at the checkout.
Who Gives a Crap Forrest Friendly Paper Towel

Kleenex VIVA Towel
Tork Extra Absorbant Kitchen Roll Towel
Merino Earthwise Kitchen Towel 

This offer cannot be used with any other discounts.Expires 15th Dec 2017  
What's New In November!

Euca products are designed to excel in performance and value. We will offer more of the product range shortly. In the meantime click on the images below to see our two latest Euca products.  

December 2017

Reminder to Place Your Orders   
To ensure you have sufficient supplies for December we would appreciate if you could place your orders by Tuesday 19th of December. 

If you are a regional customer please place orders by Friday 15th of December.  

You may wish to increase your order to cover for this period.
First deliveries for 2018 will start on Wednesday 3rd of January.

Toilet Paper Plus Head Office will close for all Public Holidays. You may still place orders online at anytime, as our website never closes!

September 2017

Be Sustainable This September 
Choose from our range of environmentally
friendly toilet paper, paper towels and facial tissues. Many great options for those who are environmentally conscious!

Caprice Green 
Who Gives a Crap.
Scott Recycled 
Merino Toilet Paper 

Merino Kitchen Towel 
Caprice Hand Towel
Who Gives a Crap Tissues

Scott Roll Towel

August 2017

Welcome Back Livi 


Livi is a market brand leader in the Away-from-Home supply of wholesale tissue. Toilet Paper Plus is pleased to announce that we now restock the Livi brand. All products available online at TPP.




July 2017

PURELL is a refreshing hand sanitizer that kills 99.99% of most common germs in as little as 15 seconds, without soap, water or towels. All products available online at TPP.

    PURELL TFX Touch Free 

PURELL Antiseptic Hand Foam
Purell TFX Touch-free, trouble free dispensing system for PURELL Instant Hand Sanitiser. It can be used with with PURELL Instant Hand Sanitiser Foam.

A fast acting fragrance and dye free 
antiseptic hand foam. Helps condition skin with a natural moisturiser. Made with 100% naturally renewable ethanol.

Purell Chrome/Black Adx Manual Dispenser
Purell Antiseptic Hand Foam 700ml 

Small size 700 ml PURELL dispenser is ideal for tight spaces. Large sight window, skylight and crystal clear refill bottles make it easy to check fill status..

The power of PURELL in a non-aerosol foaming formula. Kills 99.99% of most common germs. Thick, rich foam formula stays on your hands. Contains moisturisers to help keep skin hydrated.

June 2017

Scott Toilet Seat and Surface Cleaner

Just spray on a toilet tissue and wipe seats,handles and flush buttons. Dries and Cleans instantly.

Scott Seat and Surface Cleaner 
Scott Seat and Surface Dispenser 
* Simply spray on a toilet tissue and wipe seat surface.

* Compact dispenser and hygienic refill in a sealed bag. 

May 2017

Disinfect and Prepare for Winter 

One of the most important things people forget to do to prepare their office for winter is to disinfect everything to prevent the possible spread of dangerous germs. Desks, keyboards and doorknobs are the first places to address. And don't forget the public spaces like the kitchen and bathrooms! It is also a good idea to leave sanitisers around the office for people to use throughout the day.
Whatever your facility's winter needs are, Toilet Paper Plus can help!

Dettol Glen 20 
Antibacterial Soap 
Dettol Glen 20 spray disinfectant offers the ultimate in germ-busting freshness
This antibacterial liquid hand wash has a pleasant orange fragrance and is gentle on frequently washed hands.

Disinfectant Cleaner & Deodoriser 
Instant Hand Sanitising
 Kills bacteria which can cause unpleasant odours and kills germs that may result in illness.
Kill germs before they are transferred from your hands.
Introducing Brighton Professional Desktop Cleaning Pack

Brighton Professional got your facilities need covered. Keep your desk clean and tidy with this value bundle
Bundle includes Hand sanitiser x 1 , disposable wipes x 1 , antibacterial spray x1 and a box of tissues.

  • Hand Sanitiser kills 99.9% germs on hand
  • Hospital strength antibacterial spray
  • Easy-tear disposable wipes
  • Quality tissues made in Australia
Special Introductory Offer
$30.00 Inc. of GST and delivery 

March 2017

Tork New Products 

Tork Hand Cleaning Wet Wipes 

Tork Surface Cleaning Wet Wipes

Brighton Professional Products 

Floor Cleaner With Ammonia

Carpet And Rug Spotter