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Introducing Tork Compact Toilet Paper

Tork Compact Toilet Paper T6 System provides a continuous supply of toilet paper. It is the only system that automatically switches rolls when one is finished to ensure no run-out. Compact yet high capacity, it holds the equivalent of 4.5 standard rolls. Available in 2 ply or 3ply both with a lilac leaf print. 


Tork T6 2 Ply Compact Toilet Roll


Tork T6  White 



Tork T6 3 Ply Compact Toilet Roll


No mess

No messy, unhygienic spare

roll storage required

Stronger tissue means less

breakage and mess on the floor

Empty core remains in

the dispenser

No waste

No paper is wasted as each

roll is consumed to the core

Lockable dispenser

prevents pilferage

No run-out

Dispenser holds the equivalent

of 4.5 standard rolls*

Automatically switches rolls

to ensure continuous supply.


Tork Product Changes


Tork has recently introduced new simplified packaging. Changes will include new packaging, name changes and illustrations. Products will have the same specification and quality and all refills will continue to fit the existing dispensers.
Toilet Paper Plus, will be updating our images and any new product information on our website, however if you have any concerns or questions please contact us. These changes will occur over the next twelve months.



With Tork's simpler product names, selecting the right Tork products will be much easier.















Bulk Buying the Latest Way to Save 5%



At Toilet Paper Plus we are always looking for ways to keep our prices low and offer savings to our loyal customers. Our most recent campaign has been our Tork Promotion, which entitled you to 5% off our already low Tork prices. This promotion will now come to an end, as our new Bulk Discount Promotion will start from 15th of August. 


Bulk buying not only saves you money, it helps keep our freight costs to a minimum therefore our prices can remain low.


The new promotion will cover all of the quality brands found on Toilet Paper Plus.




What is the new promotion?


Bulk Buy (5 or more cartons) and save 5% off the total price of your order.


How can I save?


Buy 5 of more cartons of any products and save 5% of our already low prices.

You can mix your cartons if you need i.e. 3 cartons of Toilet Paper, 2 cartons of Hand Towel.

So long as your order contains a minimum of 5 cartons, you will be entitled to 5% off the total price of your order.


How can I take advantage of this offer?


Simply enter the code: bulkbuy at checkout (lowercase) and the discount will automatically apply.


We may be able to offer further discounts depending on the quantities required and location of your business. Please email us with the product and quantity required and we will reply promptly with a quotation.



Product Update


Tork napkin dispensers have been re-branded for an even smoother, more stylish serviette system!  

1.Tork Xpressnap Stand Clear N4
(available in Granite or Black)

Xpressnap dispenser large granite N4
Prices (inc. GST):
$54.90 (Granite - pictured)
$57.00 (Black)
Product Codes:
2297324 (Granite - pictured)
2297326 (Black)

2.Tork Xpressnap Tabletop N4
(available in Granite or Black)

Tabletop Black N4 large
Price (inc. GST):  
Product Codes:
2297328 (Black - pictured) 
2297327 (Granite) 
3.Tork Xpressnap Counter Clear N4
(available in Granite or Black)

Tork Xpressnap Counter
Price (inc. GST):
Product Codes: 
2298880 (Granite - pictured)
2298685 (Black)

4. Tork Xpressnap Cafe Clear N10
(available in Black only)

Tork Xpressnap Cafe N10

Price (inc. GST):
Product Code:

FAQs About Tork and Sustainability


We are currently updating Toilet Paper Plus with information on Tork's Sustainability Credentials . You will notice next to some of our Tork products, ecolabels and we just thought you might like to know what they mean.


In this blog we will also include a few facts on Sustainability, but if you are craving more information you can always check out Tork's website


Best in tissue category in WWF’s Environmental Paper

What is the meaning of sustainability?

Sustainability is the delicate balancing act of satisfying human needs today while protecting the environment for future generations. A sustainable approach requires careful consideration of environmental impact at every stage of the life cycle of a product or process – from creation through use, recycling, reuse to eventual safe return to the environment. By its very nature, a sustainable approach is often efficient in its use of resources, less costly to implement and significantly healthier than alternatives.


How can a company that fells trees be sustainable?

The virgin fibres used to make paper products are a renewable material, provided the forests they come from are managed in a sustainable way. All 2.6 million hectares of Tork-owned forests are certified according to Forest Stewardship Council guidelines, and every tree we cut down on our land is replaced by three new ones. In fact, the volume of wood in Tork's forests has increased by 60 per cent in the last 50 years.


Sustainable Tork Does producing tissue endanger the forest environment?

SCA takes great steps to ensure that the forest environment is not compromised on its land. Trees that contain nests are left standing while dead trees are often chopped halfway up to encourage new nesting. Pathways in Tork’s forests are left so that wildlife can roam and mate within their natural environment, and Tork’s conservationists occasionally initiate controlled forest fires to simulate nature since some woodland species only thrive if forest fires occur.


What is FSC®?

FSC stands for the Forest Stewardship Council®. It is an independent, non-government and not for profit organisation.The membership consists of a diverse group of representatives from environmental and social groups, the timber trade and the forestry profession, indigenous people’s organisations, community forestry groups and forest product certification groups from around the world.




Previously used or processed waste paper that has been de-inked, cleaned and reconstituted into a new paper product. It can be made from pre-consumer and/or post-consumer waste.


FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®)
FSC certification is recognised throughout the world as having the most rigorous environmental and social standards for responsible forest management. FSC chain of custody is independently certified and assessed every step of the process - from forestry, harvesting and pulping to paper and tissue production.


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Easter Closure Dates


The team at Toilet Paper Plus will be taking a few days off over the Easter Period.


Easter Schedule:  

Good Friday  (Friday 29th March) CLOSED 

Easter Saturday  (Saturday 30th March) CLOSED 

Easter Sunday (Sunday 31 March) CLOSED 

 Easter Monday (Monday 1 April) CLOSED 


The Toilet Paper Plus website will still be active and you will be able to place orders at all times, however, we will not be processing orders on the aforementioned dates and waiting periods for deliveries on orders made between Friday 29 March and Monday 1 April  may be extended.  

To ensure that you remain well-stocked for the Easter break and receive your orders without delay prior to Easter, please visit our online store 

and lodge your request by  Friday 22 March 2013

Thank you for continuing to choose
Toilet Paper Plus!

Christmas Closure Dates





The team at Toilet Paper Plus will be taking a few days off over the holiday season. 


Seasonal Schedule:  

Christmas Day (Tuesday 25 December) CLOSED 

Boxing Day (Wednesday 26 December) CLOSED 

New Year's Day (Tuesday 1 January) CLOSED 


The Toilet Paper Plus website will still be active and you will be able to place orders at all times, however, we will not be processing orders on the aforementioned dates and waiting periods for deliveries on orders made between Friday 21 December and Wednesday 2 January may be extended.  

To ensure that you remain well-stocked for the holiday season and receive your orders without delay prior to the Christmas, please visit our online store 

and lodge your request by  Friday 14 December   

Thank you for continuing to choose
Toilet Paper Plus


***Have a safe and relaxing break***    




**News        Flash**

Toilet Paper Plus

will be expanding our range of 

  products in 2013!!


Look out for exciting new additions to our healthcare range


 Not to mention an innovative line of serviettes and dispensers  


For updates and further information

visit our website

and be the first to access these innovative items 





Good results come from high standards and there’s one area that every workplace needs to maintain high standards in – and that’s hygiene.


The spread of flu, colds and viruses at work through poor hygiene practices can significantly reduce performance and attendance.

Most people know that hands spread germs. But did you know that the cold virus can be readily transferred from one hand to another?1  Makes you think about how you greet people at work. Damp hands collect and spread germs easily, so it is essential that staff dry their hands as thoroughly as they wash them.

Staff can soak up moisture and reduce germs by up to 77 %2 simply by using paper towels.


Here are some surprising findings from a recent University of Westminster Hygiene Study2 that reinforce the benefits of using paper towels to reduce germs.

  • 1. Paper towels achieved, on average, 90% hand dryness after approximately ten seconds
  • 2. Warm air dryers achieved, on average, only 55% hand dryness after 20 seconds
  • 3.Paper towels decrease bacteria on hands by up to 77%
  • 4.Warm air dryers increase bacteria on hands by up to 254%


2. K Redway, A comparitive study of three different hand drying methods: Paper towel, warm air dryer, jet air dryer, University of Westminster, 2008



Check out this month's great specials...

1. TruSoft Premier Kitchen Towel:  

Premium quality, super absorbent paper towels ideal for use in the office or kitchen! 


Our Price:  

$26.95 (inc. GST) 

Quantity: 60 sheets per roll; 20 rolls per carton 

Product Code: KTPR





2. Regal Toilet Paper 2 Ply 400 Sheet:

Supremely soft, this top-selling toilet tissue is perfect for use at home and in the workplace!


Regal Toilet Paper 2 Ply 400 Sheet

Our Price: 

$32.00 (inc. GST)
Quantity:400 sheets per individually wrapped roll; 48 rolls per carton Product Code:K2V400   









3. Regal Interleaved Hand Towel:
Experience high-end hygiene and dry your hands in luxury with this brilliant hand towel!

Regal Interleaved Hand Towel

Our Price:

$34.45 (inc. GST)
150 hand towels per pack; 16 packs per carton
Product Code: R16150A

Order online today at and remember delivery is FREE!
See you at the checkout!


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As we are a National Company, we only advertise the product lines that we carry in all of our warehouses Australia Wide.
Each State and Territory do carry different products that are unique to their particular warehouse or customers.

We are happy to offer these products, so please email us at and let us know what part of Australia you are from and what exactly it is that you require. We a more than likely to be able to access a similar product and offer a very competitive rate.

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4. Qty per carton.
5. Pricing ( If you email a current invoice, we will happily negotiate directly with our leading brands such as Tork, Regal and Kimberly Clark in order to offer you a better rate).

We can tailor quotes to suit your requirements, you may wish to buy in Bulk and depending on your location we may be able to offer further discounts. 

We look forward to helping you!

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